Of Man and Machine


This was my entry into a poetry contest held on the Steem blockchain, where the prompt was to write a poem with two segments—each segment being different from the other—while the title reconciles both. A juxtaposition.

I chose the concept of man and machine—biological versus artificial—as my theme. Another difference formed out of it as well: emotion versus logic—irrational and rational.

Numbers and lights make up your mind.
No tears nor smile show in those eyes.
“Will you ever know me—truly know me?”

I work my hands bare, the sores show.
You stare and run your programs.
“Can I ever teach you—truly teach you?”

Your body, silicon and alloy,
stays motionless; curved perfectly.
“Will I ever have you—truly have you?”

A soft touch, my skin meets yours–
artificial and biological.
“Will you ever feel this—truly feel this?”

Stepping back, smooth limbs twitch.
Neon green eyes glow, staring.
“Will you ever see me—truly see me?”


Processing sensory input:
appendages one through five.
Zero, one, one, zero, zero…

Analysing data fragments
of contaminated area.
Compiling information sets/

Optics detect subject’s structure,
Applying Pi—non-symmetric
formation of facial features.

Source identified: Dr Ohm—
Relationship: creator.
Human; flawed, emotional.

Gesture received. Location: arm.
Calibrating expectation…
Error 404: Not Found.

Your thoughts?

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