Book Mockup - Norse MythNorse mythology is one of the most difficult mythologies to piece together and understand, although the most colourful and intriguing. What makes Norse mythology difficult to understand are the stories created in a metaphoric context, to best describe the aspects of the stories and gods, and passed down from generation to generation verbally in song or poetry. These stories were hardly written down and, as a result, a lot of vital pieces in the mythology are missing or have unreliable sources (due to the sources being written after the Christianization of Scandinavia).

A consistency within the stories of the gods is the morals and life lessons, the stories were created and compiled into song/poetry to serve as life-guides for children and adults alike. In Norse pagan culture, honour was fundamental and to honour the gods was obligatory. Sharing the stories (life-guides), using the gods as the characters, was perhaps the best way to ensure communal respect and social order

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