Small Cover iPad“If cyberpunk, other worlds, genetic engineering, and social issues are desirable factors in a sci-fi read, then Of Beasts and Men perfectly fits this profile for excellence, offering a sweeping, engrossing saga in a Far Earth Anthology in which social oppression occupies centerfield.” – Diane Donovan, Recommended Reading

When the Great War of the revolt against humanity ended, the High Council swore to keep the truth hidden for the sake of peace. For centuries, that peace is maintained through ignorance and oppression.

Until humanity fights back.

As worlds collide, somewhere between Diaspora by Greg Egan and The Dispossessed by Ursula K. Le Guin, a new dystopia emerges in a far-off future. Gliese Libra, a Librarian of considerable power, is pulled into the final war between humanity and its oppressors. Along with Albert Hollows, a human and forerunner for the Insurgency, Gliese uncovers truths of her race; truths of their planet and their biology. Through struggles of conviction, manipulation, blackmail, and privilege, Gliese must find the key to ending the next Great War before mankind is eliminated.

Follow Gliese’s story as she battles with herself and the oppressors to overcome her conflicts of identity and guide humanity to salvation.

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Titles in the Far Earth Anthology: