Tweet: “Discrimination and expectation affect us all on a day-to-day basis, whether it’s race, sex, gender, or religion.” #Equality #SociSciFi Discrimination and expectation affect us all on a day-to-day basis. Whether it’s race, sex, gender, religion; we feel the brunt of the oppressed echoing through our society. Yet, there is little we do about it. There’s always some sort of excuse that prevents us from getting directly involved. Perhaps, for some, the emotional stresses and guilt has too heavy a toll, or there really is no way to help in a manner one would think mattered in the big picture.

Throughout the story, we find that Gliese endures many of these social issues, as well as the internal conflicts that stem from them. From two perspectives; victim and perpetrator, Gliese has to navigate through a storm of emotion and the conclusions that come with them, along with the justifications she imparts on her acts against and for social equity and equality.

Gliese’s story began its life of strife when the initial idea of her character was born for a Murder Mystery online game on a parenting forum that I frequented. Initially, she was doomed to a life of adversity and darkness; somehow always being in the wrong place at the wrong time. She started off as a Librarian and was at first a plain old furry. She was shy, introverted and distrusting but also well-read, critical and intelligent.

Gliese took a turn in evolution when I started really working on her character at the start of a writing prompt challenge that had been initiated on the forum a few months later. Each prompt gave me insight into her personality beyond the two-dimensional portrayal of her for the mystery game. I slowly came to know her as a person, and with her growth, her world began to reveal itself; piece by piece.

It was during the fourth prompt that Gliese showed me her world was not on Earth and that she was not just an anthropomorphic being, but part of a civilized society and culture. It was the initial view of her utopian world that lead to the dark underbelly of society’s hidden injustices.

Slowly, the world turned dark and deceitful but Gliese assured me she would survive it all and come out on top. She dared me to throw the worst at her and watch her rise above it. Gliese becomes the villain and yet, one can understand her perspective, and even sympathize with her so that when she returned to her hallowed role as protagonist, one would rejoice along with her. It was this conflict Gliese has with herself over and again, and the conflict that instigated hers, that lead to the birth of the anthology her story takes part in.

With the current state of affairs, one can easily relate with Gliese and the humans she finally ends up saving. It’s interesting to see how far she would go to protect herself and her interests while attributing her actions toward the protection of society as she knew it.

So without further ado, I invite you to join us on a quest of social and hard science-fiction in self-awareness, empathy, self-discovery, suspense and a touch of romantic drama, as we explore the events that lead to Gliese’s equilibrium and humanity’s salvation.

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