The orcyform are mutated humans but what sets them apart is the symbiotic material that was manipulated into the orcyform ancestors. This material is an organic metal extracted from an alien organism called Xenodrymis. The extract itself isn’t alive, but several alien species of bacteria live in it, and they mutate DNA. The bacteria live off of the nutrients of the host, and humans are a source of several nutrients the alien plant can’t provide. The humans who experimented with it were able to engineer the material’s bacteria and mutate the host DNA to form several integrated implants within the host’s body using the organic metal, along with metals found in the human body.

The bacteria were engineered to survive in the process of the host’s reproduction in order to infect each new offspring. Through the presence of the bacteria and its effects on genetic disorders, some orcyform suffer from Beta Thalassemia, a blood disorder that causes anaemia. This disorder is why Gliese has a pale complexion, aching joints, and a heart murmur. The bacteria feed on and thereby hinders the absorption of folic acid, which leads to a cleft lip and sometimes palette. It also stimulates some regressed DNA that triggers the increase of bodily hair, along with increased androgen production. With the bacteria still carrying DNA from their floral hosts, and its ability to integrate its genetic material with that of the host, this hair is fur that is similar to those on plants. Chlorophyll and pheromones are also present in the orcyform body, which causes the blue undertone of skin and the ability to recognise another orcyform by their scent.

Projection in the Librarians is possible by a specialised modification to the bacteria in the Xenodrymis, that manipulate the organic metal to form an implant capable of manipulating gravitons (a theorised particle responsible for gravity) and photons. It interacts with the brain to create conditions for the projection, somewhat similar to the process of a 3-D printer. The projections are holograms that can interact with matter thanks to gravitons that lend it mass. The implant creates a magnetic field which bends the particles to the desired outcome.

The Majoris culture has its roots in an equestrian-based society and while the symbolism of horses is no longer of significant importance and is instead a tradition above practical application, the presence of the symbolism remains in society. Instead of living horses, they use machines that look like horses. Their technology is a standard that makes these machines out-dated, but it isn’t harnessed to full potential for political reasons, mostly to facilitate in keeping humans oppressed.