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For a century, there has been peace among the five worlds that make up the Alliance. Economic and scientific progress is enjoyed by citizens across the four planets and moon, along with the safety the Alliance grants.

Until a new threat emerges from within.

When worlds align, somewhere within Blood Red Road by Moira Young and The Windup Girl by Paolo Bacigalupi, a new danger lords over the far-off future. Letitia Dube, a lower working-class administrator, infiltrates one of the only privately-owned companies in a quest to find her son who had been taken. Her efforts lead to the discovery of genetically-engineered soldiers, experimented on since infancy, and plans for war. Despite her protests, Letitia’s hand is morally-forced to carry the burden of stopping a war that would tear apart the Alliance and expose the star system to the Trade Conglomerate; a collective of highly capitalistic businesses which strip systems of every resource and have no issues with slavery.

Join Letitia’s fight as she defies inequality and declares war against those who wish to remove the freedoms of mankind in this dystopian science fiction novel.

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Lines of Story:

“Miss Ranger?” the elderly secretary called into the waiting room, “it’s time. He’ll see you now.” Letitia took a deep breath in.

“Must it be a war?”



“Because they don’t listen any other way.” She hesitated, trying to find an argument.

“Follow me?” Letitia asked Katie.

“Always, sir.” She wrapped her hand around Letitia’s forearm and grinned. It was time.

For a moment it was quiet; the glass no longer shattered and the explosions halted, but its echoes carried on up the cylinder.

“It’s just you and me against the world, Thomas.” Letitia pulled Junior closer and sighed. It would be better, she promised.

“You don’t have enough funds.”

“I don’t understand…”

“Betar is no more. You cannot afford housing here, Miss Ranger.”

Defeat overcame Letitia. He was gone. Her knees buckled and she shrugged to the floor in despair. He was gone.

Mr. Bram’s hand rest on her shoulder. She looked up at his smirk. His eyes reflected the bold presence he made at the hospital.

She blamed him for it, like she blamed him for getting her mixed up in it, Junior’s situation, and Kate’s death. She glared at him.

Letitia watched the festivity through the kitchen window. She wasn’t ready. She was happy for Amanda, but she wasn’t ready.

Mr. Bram smirked. He knew it would happen; she was a pawn in his game. Letitia followed him out. Vengeance was hers.

“You needa leave, Tish!” he grabbed her arms for her attention and stared into her flawless brown eyes, “It’s not enough we win.”

Katie was a soldier of honour. Her every word commanded respect. Letitia didn’t understand why Katie pledged her loyalty to her.

Despite his pale complexion and the holes littered where tubes once stuck, Junior was peaceful. The moment wasn’t her favourite.

Letitia looked out the porthole. The turbulence through the atmosphere frightened her, but Junior and Thomas didn’t stir.

“I’m here for you, Mandy.” Letitia smiled at the broken remnant of her best, and only, friend. She would not let her waste away.

“I have an idea,” Amanda winked at Letitia, despite her bloodshot eyes. “You become me. Get our boys back. Make trouble.”

Plasma tore open the sky and, in that split second, she saw it. The calm didn’t precede the storm, it lay in wait at its peak.

“And what if they wanna try a normal life?”

“We can’t really stop them, can we?” Letitia shook her head and dropped her gaze.

The girl turned around in march, her boots stomped against the tiles toward the target dummy. She raised the machine gun.

She wouldn’t send them. “There will be no war!” Her words resonated throughout the Tower. She cringed at the acoustic feedback.

John looked back at the flames that engulfed the Light Tower.

“They still in there, aren’t they?” Letitia sighed. He nodded.

“What?!” Letitia mumbled.

“Junior’s DNA doesn’t match yours or John’s, Mrs Dube.” Dr Henrie plucked at his eyebrow in thought.”

Congratulations, Mr Dube.” John turned to the voice and saw a menacing grin on the staunch figure at the door.

Mr Bram…”

The pod revealed a little boy. Cuts and bruises covered his body; some scars were white and faint with age, others scabbed over.

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