Shadows dance where light barely shines. A shuffling lurks in the walls. We lost power the day before yesterday and I haven’t heard Barend’s voice since the last transmission four hours after the research compound locked-down. Most of the compartments have been released but the power house remains barricaded. He said it was a malfunction in the ventilation system. My cold triggered it, he joked. The shuffling follows me around. Despite the thermal suit, I’m shivering. I’m not meant for extremes like this.

The south pole of Gliese 581d is not a place to be without heat. Out in the dark of this frozen wasteland, the air is thin; it pierces my lungs with each breath. It hadn’t bothered me until I left the compound early yesterday morning. I had to. The generator ran out of fuel before we could find out why the doors wouldn’t open. They’re stuck; ice has formed along the seams. We had a plan, Barend and me, in case something like this happened. The shuffles along the structure’s walls unnerve me…

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