For years, Anike Kirsten has dabbled with creative writing, but only recently published following the spark of inspiration from friends online. She has since gone on to publish the first title, Of Beasts and Men, in her Far Earth Anthology and establish herself as a serious author.

Since her early childhood years, Anike was exposed to countless books in her parents’ collection. Among these were titles from Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke, and Michael Moorcock; these authors captivated her imagination and seeded the dream to be an author, to write hard science-fiction novels.

Anike enjoys a myriad of hobbies; reading, writing, and research topping the list. She has a passion for digging through information and compiling it into organized reports and essays. This knack for research helps her with the finer details in her works, from physics to sociology, through to make-up and armor. Another top lister in her hobbies is art, specifically digital art. Her passion in seeing her work visualized enables her to understand form and emotion, where she incorporates this knowledge into her characters.

She has published a few short eBooks, including The Complete Guide to Norse Mythology which was inspired by her discovery of Norse culture in 2013. It began as a personal project to categorize the Norse characters and piece together the timeline of the legends. She then decided to share her work with the world and published it.

Anike first ventured into writing by creating a children’s poetic fable of anthropomorphic characters; inspired and written for her daughter, then four years old, as a bedtime story. Animal Kingdom was thus born. This, too, was published in 2011 and later made available in paperback print in 2016, complete with character illustrations.

Anike hangs out on a few online sites and being socially awkward (dare to say anxious), the information age is a wonderful time to be alive. Find her on:

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