South African Sci-Fi

Interested in reading more local science fiction? Browse through the list and get a taste of the futuristic and otherworldly.

South African Science Fiction Titles:


Idea War, 2013
Abigail Godsell

The Space Race, 2013
Alex Latimer

Dub Steps, 2016
Andrew Miller

Strong Medicine, 2016
Angela Meadon

The Estuary Tales, 2014
Caldon Mull

Blachart, 2006
Christina Engela

Fever, 2016
Deon Meyer

Nails in the Sky, 2015
Duncan John Reyneke

The Mark, 2014
Edyth Bulbring

South, 2016
Frank Owen (Diane Awerbuck and Alex Latimer)

The Raft: A Novel, 2015
Fred Strydom

Lament for the Fallen, 2016
Gavin Chait

Green Lion, 2016
Henrietta Rose-Innes

Preserving Creata, 2010
H. Gibson

A Spy in Time, 2018
Imraan Coovadia

The Solace Pill, 2014
Jason Werbeloff

Usu, 2015
Jayde Ver Elst

The War Between, 2016
Jennifer Withers

Oasis, 2012
Joan De La Haye

Recoil, 2014
Joanne MacGregor

Aeonosphere, 2014
Jo Roderick

Why You Were Taken, 2015
J.T Lawrence

Mashu oMusha, 2017
Khaya Maseko

The Sirius Squad: Earth’s Last Defence, 2017
Khulekani Magubane

Moxyland, 2008
Lauren Beukes

Deadlands, 2011
Lily Herne (Sarah and Savannah Lotz)

Asylum, 2017
Marcus Low

The Babylon Eye, 2016
Masha du Toit

LifeGames Corporation, 2016
Michael Smorenburg

The Folds: Miss Universe, 2013
Mico Pisanti

Fall of Zona Nox, 2013
Nicholas Woode-Smith

Azanian Bridges, 2016
Nick Wood

Taty Went West, 2015
Nikhil Singh

Tracer, 2015
Rob Boffard

Compile Quest, 2014
Ronel van Tonder

Under Ground, 2015
S.L Grey (Sarah Lotz and Louis Greenberg)

Obscura Burning, 2012
Suzanne van Rooyen

Viral, 2016
Toby Bennett

Letters to the Black Underground, 2016
Yelena Calavera

Equinox: Beginnings, 2015
Yusuf R. Shaik

South African Science Fiction Short Stories:


Branded, 2003 in SL Magazine (Student Life Magazine)
by Lauren Beukes

God is Dead So Smile, 2006 in Chimurenga: Conversation In Luanda & Other Graphic Stories
by Nikhil Singh

Poison, 2007 in African Pens
by Henrietta Rose-Innes

The Map and the Territory, 2008 in Chimurenga: Dr Satan’s Echo Chamber
by James Sey and Minnette Vári

Lunar Voices (On the Solar Wind), 2010 in Redstone Science Fiction
by Nick Wood

Twittering Machines, 2011 in The ePocalypse: emails at the end
by Blaize Kaye

The Immaculate Particle, 2011 in Jurassic London: Stories of the Apocalypse
by Charlie Human

Postapocalypse, 2011 in Jurassic London: Stories of the Apocalypse
by Sam Wilson

Inspector Bucket Investigates, 2012 in Jurassic London: Stories of the Smoke
by Sarah Lotz

New Mzanzi, 2012 in AfroSF
by Ashley Jacobs

Five Sets of Hands, 2012 in AfroSF
by Cristy Zinn

Angel Song, 2012 in AfroSF
by Dave-Brendon de Burgh

The Trial, 2012 in AfroSF
by Joan De La Haye

Closing Time, 2012 in AfroSF
by Liam Kruger

Heresy, 2012 in AfroSF
by Mandisi Nkomo

Claws and Savages, 2012 in AfroSF
by Martin Stokes

Brandy City, 2012 in AfroSF
by Mia Arderne

PlanetX, 2012 in AfroSF
by S.A. Partridge

Terms & Conditions Apply, 2012 in AfroSF
by Sally-Ann Murray

We’ll Always Be Here, 2013 in Jurassic London: The Lowest Heaven
by S.L. Grey (Sarah Lotz and Louis Greenberg)

Leatherman, 2014 in Terra Incognita: Short Story Day Africa
by Diane Awerbuck

Esomnesia, 2014 in Terra Incognita: Short Story Day Africa
by Phillip Steyn

The Carthagion, 2014 in Terra Incognita: Short Story Day Africa
by Sarah Jane Woodward

Journal of a DNA Pirate, 2016 in Imagine Africa 500
by Stephen Embleton

Xaua-Khoe, 2016 in Imagine Africa 500
by Catherine Shepherd

North of Urtwirth, Unconfessed – 2016 in Orthogonal: Code
by Amy Power Jansen

Front Row, Centre – 2016 in Jurassic London: Extinction Event
by Joe Vas

The Interview, 2016 in One Hundred Voices
by Sergio Pereira

Saudade – 2017 in Helios Quarterly
by Jason Mykl Snyman

Behind The Wall – 2018 in Transnational Arts Production
Toby Bennett


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